We are the leading workman service in Nigeria.

Agon Workman Limited is a one-stop building service firm that provides building facilities maintenance as well as repairs and replacement of fittings and appliances. We also provide COVID-19 disinfection and general fumigation services. With our proudly African credentials, we have a firm commitment to emerge as a leading service provider in Nigeria that stays consistently true to its core values.

  • We are performance driven
  • We are client focused
  • We create value

Our workmen are smart ‘knowledge workers’ who think out of the box to confront ‘what if’ and ‘what is’ questions. They apply worksite techniques to meet or exceed client requirements and expectations, so we balance the competing demands of cost, quality, and timelines.


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Customer Reviews

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Mr. David


I am very impressed with the work done so far

Mrs. Florence


I am very satisfied with your service.

Dr. Nkata


Great experience, they’re very professional and prompt.